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No letting up

When I was renting, back in the old millennium (sigh), the whole thing was a royal painus in the anus. A notepad, a pencil, a phone, a copy of Loot and an air of panic was basically all you had to work with. Deposits were in cash and had to be stumped up more or less the second you’d stepped out of whatever dank lower-ground-floor dungeon you’d just semi-wittingly agreed to inhabit for the next six months. It was, in a word, barbaric.

Renters today? Don’t know they’re born mate. Rightmove. Zoopla. Deposit Protection. Actual photographs of the actual property that you can actually see with your own actual eyes. And online lettings agents like Rentify keeping things simpler, cheaper and clearer for all concerned.

Rentify are now doing such a good job, in fact, that they’re moving beyond their original market of DIY landlords and starting to take on the high-street agents as well. And that means a change of tone, from chirpy start-up to reassuringly established market presence. They asked me to kick things off with copy for their shiny new website, which has gone live in double-quick time. Here it is.

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