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You learn something new every, er, week or two.

One of the things I like most about copywriting is that over the course of a single job – even just a few days – you can go from dead-eyed ignorance to at least bluffing knowledge of a subject that would otherwise cross your mind about as often as Halley’s comet crosses the night sky. Healthcare administration technology, for instance.

Yeah, I know.

But that’s exactly what I got a crash course in the other week, during a few days at The Team writing the script for a short film promoting a new GE/Microsoft joint venture to overhaul the tangled, unwieldy mess the global healthcare system has evidently become. And it turned out to be revealing and satisfying in equal measure.

I emerged from the brief blinking, clueless and convinced this was going to be my Waterloo. Four days later I could confidently claim to know my EMRs from my PPO. Hardly seven years at medical school, no, but it did mean that the end result told a complex story in a compelling way to a very smart and savvy audience.


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